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Algor > Úder pohanského hnevu
Algor - Úder pohanského hnevu
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Heathen Brotherhood

Úder pohanského hnevu


Release date:
Catalog ID:
Eclipse Productions
1000 copies
3 reviews (avg. 93%)
1. Vzplanutie slovanskej nenávisti 01:44   Show lyrics
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2. Pohanský boj 03:58  
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3. Vládca zimnej krajiny 05:49  
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4. Čas odplaty 04:09  
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5. Výzva k pomste 05:10  
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6. Slovanská krv 04:38  
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7. V objatí lesnej ríše 03:43  
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8. Príchod bielej kráľovny 05:49  
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9. Moc ducha pohanského 06:23  
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10. Tajomstvo jaskyne 05:21  
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Miroslav "Slavfist" Drums
Aldaron Vocals, Guitars, Bass
Read Algor - uder pohanskeho hnevu 95% Mysticus August 18th, 2011
Read More excellence from slovakia 94% Daemonlord July 4th, 2011
Read Another gem from the... 89% mornox January 4th, 2004

The title means "The Strike Of Pagan Wrath"

Title tracks in English:
1. The Flare Of Slavonic Hate
2. Pagan Battle
3. Ruler Of The Winterland
4. Time Of Revenge
5. A Call For Revenge
6. Slavonic Blood
7. In Embrace Of Forest Empire
8. The Approach Of Winter Queen
9. Power Of The Pagan Spirit
10. Secret Of The Cave

Re-released as MC by Stuza Productions. Tape release contains bonus "Unholy Black Metal" - DARKTHRONE cover.

12"LP released by Hexencave Productions in October 2011, limited to 250 copies. Few first copies come also with shirt and pin.

CD version on left, LP version on right picture.

Recording information:

Recorded in TM Studio, Zilina, Slovakia.

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