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Wreath of Thevetat


Release date:
February 25th, 2008
Catalog ID:
CUT 046
Woodcut Records
2 reviews (avg. 99%)
1. Moving Mountains 06:42   Show lyrics
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2. The Kings to Come 06:51   Show lyrics
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3. The Phosphorescent 05:42   Show lyrics
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4. On Blackening Soil 05:17   Show lyrics
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5. Rain of Stars 06:14   Show lyrics
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6. Twice-Born 06:34   Show lyrics
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7. Future Made Flesh 05:23   Show lyrics
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8. As Nothing Consumes Everything 05:35   Show lyrics
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Gorath Moonthorn Drums
Thasmorg Guitars (rhythm)
Ekholm Keyboards
Grimort Guitars (lead)
Goat Tormentor Vocals, Bass
Read Flawless. 97% Ramseus January 2nd, 2009
Read It doesn't get much better... 100% blastheart September 22nd, 2008

Thevetat was the great Dragon King who corrupted the psychics of Atlantis, turning them into evil sorcerers.

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