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Akrea > Stadt der toten Träume
Akrea - Stadt der toten Träume
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Stadt der toten Träume


Release date:
August 2nd, 2013
Catalog ID:
Drakkar Records
None yet
1. Erwachen 02:26   instrumental
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2. Geisel einer Sünde 04:13   Show lyrics
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3. Seelentanz 03:38   Show lyrics
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4. Feuer und Licht 04:31   Show lyrics
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5. Alter Freund 04:07   Show lyrics
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6. Einsames Medium 05:27   Show lyrics
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7. Unbekannte Ferne 04:06   Show lyrics
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8. Schleier aus Blüten 04:10   Show lyrics
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9. Der Preis der Freiheit 06:04   Show lyrics
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10. Stadt der toten Träume 04:51   Show lyrics
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11. Fundament der Existenz 04:29   Show lyrics
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12. Letzte Lektion 03:26   Show lyrics
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13. Verlassen 02:38   instrumental
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Chris Bass
Jonas Nelhiebel Drums
Fabi Guitars
Schäffer Guitars (lead)
Sebi Vocals
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A video clip was made for Feuer und Licht.

Album title translation (from German): City of dead dreams
Song title translations (from German):
1. Awakening
2. Hostage of a sin
3. Soul dance
4. Fire and light
5. Old friend
6. Lonely medium
7. Unknown remoteness
8. Veil of blossoms
9. The price of freedom
10. City of dead dreams
11. Fundament of existence
12. Last lesson
13. Leaving


Barcode: 888837439725

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