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Sanctus Ignís


Release date:
May 8th, 2001
Limb Music GmbH
7 reviews (avg. 85%)
1. Second Sight 06:07   Show lyrics
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2. The Inner Road 05:44   Show lyrics
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3. In Nomine... 05:03   Show lyrics
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4. The Stringless Violin 07:00   Show lyrics
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5. Seven Lands of Sin 11:40   Show lyrics
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6. Order of Enlil 04:19   instrumental
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7. Sanctus Ignis 04:07   Show lyrics
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8. Panem et Circences 05:21   Show lyrics
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9. Immigrant Song (Led Zeppelin cover) 04:54   instrumental
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10. Niflheim (2001 demo / European bonus track) 04:05   instrumental
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Band members
Dirk Bruinenberg Drums
Richard Andersson Keyboards
Franck Hermanny Bass
Stéphan Forté Guitars
David Readman Vocals
Miscellaneous staff
Dennis Ward Producer, Engineering & Mixing
Dennis Ward Producer, Engineering & Mixing
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The limited first edition contains a signed plectrum.

The Japanese edition has two bonus tracks:
01. Nozama (Instrumental version - 2001 demo)
02. The Stringless Violin (Instrumental version - 1999 demo)
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