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Death Worm Master

Narkan / Acrotomofilia

Release date:
August 31st, 2013
Catalog ID:
Viceral Productions
None yet
1. Acrotomofilia - Maestro Muerte  
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2. Acrotomofilia - Asesino Serial Compulsivo  
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3. Acrotomofilia - Cocido A Este Engendro  
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4. Acrotomofilia - Porfiria Eritropoyética Congénita  
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5. Acrotomofilia - Lobotomía Transorbital  
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6. Acrotomofilia - Pronóstico De Muerte  
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7. Narkan - F.O.B  
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8. Narkan - Your World Is Gone  
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9. Narkan - Fuck'Em All  
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10. Narkan - I Used My Hammer On You And I Love It  
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11. Narkan - Intoxicated, Raped And Entombed  
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12. Narkan - Birth Of Ignorance (Brutal Truth)  
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