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Achokarlos > Kill the Light
Achokarlos - Kill the Light
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Symptoms of Lethargy

Kill the Light


Release date:
September 24th, 2012
Catalog ID:
None yet
1. The Idea Development 05:14   instrumental
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2. I did it! 07:03  
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3. Sexcentric 05:51   Show lyrics
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4. Bruce Willis wants to kill me 07:03   instrumental
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5. Kill the light 05:38   Show lyrics
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6. Cyborg Surgery 05:44  
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7. Close the door, open the window 06:53   instrumental
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8. Please, stop me 04:02   instrumental
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9. Euphoric Sandwich 04:21  
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10. Onion Belt 03:44  
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11. Metal Rave 03:40  
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12. Get the hell out of my kitchen! 05:34   instrumental
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This is the promo video for the 4th Achokarlos solo album called "Kill the Light", which have been composed, recorded and produced by Achokarlos in my studio in Cartagena, Spain.

This album has 12 songs passing by death metal old school, progressive metal, djent, jazz fussion or even trip hop, everything recorded with an 8 strings guitar.

This time I also have VIP collaborations like DEREK SHERINIAN (Planet X, Derek Sherinian Band, ex-DREAM THEATER), Marta Carrion, Alvaro Tenorio (HAMLET), and Alfonso Sánchez for saxo and flutes.

All artwork done by Maciej Kamuda at

If you are interested on getting a physical copy, you can go here:

Otherwise, If you are interested on a digital copy, you can go here:

Every earning will go directly to the artist helping to promote the work and the effort needed to make this album possible. There is no discographic companies or distributors evolved.

I hope you like!

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