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Eat the Heat


Release date:
May 11th, 1989
Catalog ID:
Epic Records
3 reviews (avg. 61%)
1. X-T-C 04:25   Show lyrics
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2. Generation Clash 06:22   Show lyrics
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3. Chain Reaction 04:38   Show lyrics
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4. Love Sensation 04:42   Show lyrics
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5. Turn the Wheel 05:24   Show lyrics
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6. Prisoner 04:50   Show lyrics
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7. Mistreated 08:52   Show lyrics
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8. Stand 4 What U R 04:05   Show lyrics
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9. Hellhammer 05:29   Show lyrics
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10. D-Train 04:24   Show lyrics
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Band members
David Reece Vocals
Wolf Hoffmann Guitars
Peter Baltes Bass
Stefan Kaufmann Drums
Jacky Virgil Vocals (backing) (track 4)
Mark Dodson Vocals (crowd) (track 5)
Miscellaneous staff
Dieter Dierks Producer, Engineering, Mixing
Bob Ludwig Mastering
Jacky Virgil Vocals (backing) (track 4)
Mark Dodson Vocals (crowd) (track 5)
Dieter Dierks Producer, Engineering, Mixing
Bob Ludwig Mastering
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Read No Udo, no Accept! 40% Metal_Thrasher90 November 10th, 2007
Read Accept and the problem of... 75% MetalReaper August 30th, 2004

Guitarist Jim Stacey is pictured on the sleeve, but did not play on the album.

Crowd vocals on "Turn the Wheel" by U.D.O.

The track list reflects the German LP release (side A: 1-5; side B: 6-10). However, the cover shown was used on American and UK releases. The German cover has a different band photo and no borders.

The European CD and 2002 remastered CD reissued had two bonus tracks:
8. I Can't Believe in You [04:48]
11. Break the Ice [04:12]

The North American and UK LP and cassette releases had an alternate track list (side A: 1-6; side B: 7-10):
1. X-T-C
2. Prisoner
3. Love Sensation
4. Chain Reaction
5. Stand 4 What U R
6. D-Train
7. Generation Clash
8. Turn the Wheel
9. Hellhammer
10. Mistreated

The American CD had yet another alternate order and had one bonus track:
[1-4 same as LP and cassette]
5. D-Train
6. Generation Clash
7. Turn the Wheel
8. Mistreated
9. Stand 4 What U R
10. Hellhammer
11. Break the Ice

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