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Balls to the Wall


Release date:
December 5th, 1983
Catalog ID:
PL 70186
RCA Records
Vinyl (33⅓ RPM)
9 reviews (avg. 91%)
Side A
1. Balls to the Wall 05:42   Show lyrics
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2. London Leatherboys 03:57   Show lyrics
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3. Fight It Back 03:30   Show lyrics
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4. Head Over Heels 04:19   Show lyrics
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5. Losing More Than You've Ever Had 05:04   Show lyrics
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Side B
6. Love Child 03:34   Show lyrics
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7. Turn Me On 05:12   Show lyrics
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8. Losers and Winners 04:19   Show lyrics
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9. Guardian of the Night 04:24   Show lyrics
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10. Winter Dreams 04:44   Show lyrics
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Band members
Udo Dirkschneider Vocals
Stefan Kaufmann Drums
Wolf Hoffmann Guitars
Herman Frank Guitars
Peter Baltes Bass
Miscellaneous staff
Lou Austin Engineering
Jean Lessenich Design
Dieter Eikelpoth Photography
Michael Wagener Mixing
Deaffy Lyrics
Lou Austin Engineering
Jean Lessenich Design
Dieter Eikelpoth Photography
Michael Wagener Mixing
Deaffy Lyrics
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Recorded and mixed at Dierks Studios, Cologne, West Germany, July/August, 1983.
Produced by Accept.
Music by Accept, Words by Accept + Deaffy.

Release dates:
December 5th, 1983 - Europe and U.K.
January 1984 - U.S. Canada and Brazil

Two different remasters of this album exist, with different bonus tracks. The 2001 remaster, which is a part of Sony's "The Metal Masters Series" (this is the only Accept album from that series, though), contains the following bonus tracks:
11. Head Over Heels (Live)
12. Love Child (Live)

The 2002 BMG Remastered Edtion has the following bonus tracks, both taken from "Kaizoku-Ban - Live in Japan":
11. Up to the Limit (Live) (4:53)
12. Head Over Heels (Live) (5:58)

Reissued by Hear No Evil Recordings on May 27th 2013 as a 2 CD set remastered with Staying a Life on disc 2.

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