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Far Away from Hateful Mankind Plague


Release date:
October 11th, 2007
Catalog ID:
Antichristian Front Records
3 reviews (avg. 91%)
1. Prelude to Extinction 01:45  
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2. Bullets of Hate 06:04  
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3. Destructive Thoughts 06:37  
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4. My Spawned Supremacy 07:20  
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5. Sons of Nihilism, Bastards of Destruction 07:10  
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6. Mankind Failure 01:28  
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7. Annihilation of an Emtpy Kingdom 07:01  
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8. Aboriortholocaust* 04:40  
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9. Denial of the Mankind (Panzerfrost cover)+ 03:44  
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Aboriorth All instruments
Read Aboriorth Is The Son of... 85% Perplexed_Sjel July 20th, 2009
Read Battle in an interminable... 95% Destroyer_of_Life March 28th, 2009
Read Came out of fucking nowhere 93% Noktorn January 28th, 2009

Tape released by Nigra Mors

* Only on CD
+ Only on tape

Format: Cd Pro. Limited to 500 copies.
Tape Pro. Limited to 166 copies.

CD cover Antichristian Front (left) - Tape cover Nigra Mors (right)

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