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Tenebrarum Cadent Exsurgemus


Release date:
March 1997
Elegy Records
2 reviews (avg. 94%)
1. Calling the Spirits of the Dead (Intro) 02:24   Show lyrics
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2. For All Eternity 04:41   Show lyrics
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3. The Chaos That Crawls Beyond the Stars 05:58   Show lyrics
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4. Bestial Moans 03:26   Show lyrics
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5. The Wolves of Armageddon 01:26  
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6. Ghosts of the Moonlight Mist 03:14   Show lyrics
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7. The October Storms 01:16  
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8. Tenebrarum Cadent Exsurgemus 02:12  
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9. Les Fleurs Du Mal 05:52   Show lyrics
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10. Rites of the Black Herald 04:23   Show lyrics
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11. Night of the Cloven Hoof (Prologue) 02:29  
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12. The Gates to the Spirit Kingdom 04:52   Show lyrics
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13. Void of Satanic Darkness (Outro) 03:40  
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Crom Vocals, Keyboards
Cythrall Guitars
Morgul Guitars
Nyarlathotep Bass
Warhead Drums
Read Pure Brilliance 98% queen_cyanide July 24th, 2005
Read Very good USBM 90% Mourningrise September 5th, 2003
Recorded and mixed during october 18-21, 1996 at Big Blue Meanie Studios, New Jersey
Engineered and mixed by Jason Jauter and Joe Mahony

Re-released in 2005 by Hell Attacks Productions with additional bonus tracks.

From "Channelling the Ethereal Moon" (EP, 1996):
14. Intro / Rites of the Black Herald
15. Nightrealm
16. Ghosts of the Moonlight Mist

From "Summer" (Demo, 1996):
17. Intro / The Gates to the Spirit Kingdom (Demo Version)
18. For All Eternity (Demo Version)
19. Disappearing of the Spirit (2005)

The final track has 2005 in parentheses because the demo was remastered in 2005.
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