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殇恨轮回 (Lost Eternal)


Release date:
November 7th, 2005
TimeString Records
None yet
1. 斯坦亚赞歌 (The Hymn of Stanya) 05:17   Instrumental
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2. 北方的天空 (Under the Northern Sky) 06:39   Show lyrics
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3. 玛尔撒的回忆 (The Recollection of Marsa) 07:31   Show lyrics
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4. 地狱 (Hell) 08:27   Show lyrics
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5. 炼狱 (Purgatory) 05:59   Show lyrics
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6. 净土 (Clean Shrine) 08:15   Show lyrics
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7. 宿命降临 (Fate Coming) 04:29   Show lyrics
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Wang Xing Vocals
Wang Jun Guitars
Tian Peng Guitars
Cheng Cheng Bass
Xu Hang Drums
Yue Zuhong Keyboards
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Track 1 - 3: Side "北方的天空 (Under the Northern Sky)";
Track 4 - 7: Side "死神与命运 (The Azrael and Destiny)".
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