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Hate Attacks


Release date:
July 2010
Catalog ID:
Version desc.:
Limited edition
Okkullt Darkness Records
None yet
Side A
1. Pride of Forest and Forgotten Ways 02:48  
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2. Smrt ratnika 04:41  
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3. Conquering the Jewish Paradise 04:19  
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4. Worshiping the Banner of Victory 05:13  
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Side B
5. Ovo je rat 02:02  
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6. Baptisted on Devilish Hands 04:34  
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7. Black Metal 04:09  
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8. Unknown (Untitled)  
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9. Black Cult of Death 05:57  
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Miscellaneous staff
Vožd Jovan Pogani Lyrics, Mastering, Mixing
Vožd Jovan Pogani Lyrics, Mastering, Mixing
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Hand-numbered and signed by Vožd Jovan Pogani.
Contains his photo.

Track origins:
Track 1 from "Dark, Cold & Black Metal" demo.
Track 2 from "Sin tame" demo.
Track 3 from "Sinister Spirit of War" demo.
Track 4 from "Worshiping the Banner of Victory" demo.
Track 5 from "Za krv i čast" demo.
Track 6 from ''W.O.F.L.'' demo.
Track 7 from ''Die Forever'' demo.
Track 8 from ''Unknown'' demo.
Track 9 from ''Empire of Old Werwolf'' demo.

2. Death of Warrior
5. This is War

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