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冥誕七年.加藏 / Relentless For 7 Years, Plus


Release date:
November 17th, 2002
Catalog ID:
Version desc.:
Limited edition
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1. Summon of China (原錄於9th Empyrean靈魂之界英文版) 06:06   Show lyrics
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2. 深耕 (原錄於1998年限量深耕單曲) 04:06   Show lyrics
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3. 幽游冥河 演奏版 (原錄於藏金閣 第一卷) 07:00   instrumental
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4. 聖戰 (1999年春天吶喊現場版) 06:21   Show lyrics
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5. 髮扣帶 (原錄於1998年限量深耕單曲) 01:15   Show lyrics
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6. Guard the Isle Eternally (原錄於9th Empyrean靈魂之界英文版) 09:04  
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7. 母島解體.登基 (2000反中國併吞演唱會現場版) 09:30   Show lyrics
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Jan Borsing Engineering
Jan Borsing Engineering
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This CD was obtained as a complimentary gift at Chthonic's gig live at National Taiwan University old gym, 2002/11/17

English translation:
1. Summon of China
2. Deep Rising
3. Floated Unconsciously In the Acheron
4. Holy War
5. Fuck or Die
6. Guard the Isle Eternally
7. Mother Isle Disingrated, Aboriginal Gods Enthroned

Tracks 1 & 6: from 9th Empyrean English version (2002)
Tracks 2 & 5: from Deep Rising Demo (1998)
Track 3: Instrumental version from "Metal Treasure Attic I" compilation
Track 4: Spring 1999 version of heaven rush site
Track 7: 2000 Anti-Chinese annexation live concert version

Produced by ChthoniC.

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