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Коррозия Металла - Каннибал
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Коррозия Металла

Release date:
Catalog ID:
Sintez Records
12" vinyl (33⅓ RPM)
1 review (avg. 62%)
Side A
1. Моторокер 03:06   Show lyrics
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2. I'm a President 02:56  
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3. Русская водка 03:25   Show lyrics
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4. Каннибал 03:21   Show lyrics
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5. God Father 03:30  
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6. Bad Girls Train 03:02  
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Side B
7. Let's Go Shake, Shake 01:29  
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8. Танк вампира 04:27   Show lyrics
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9. Крэйзи хаус 04:03   Show lyrics
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10. Дьявол здесь 04:29   Show lyrics
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11. Fuckin' Militia 03:12  
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Band members
Sergey "Pauk" Troitsky Bass, Vocals
Roman "Kostyl" Lebedev Guitars
Aleksandr "Jascher" Bondarenko Drums
Sergey "Borov" Vysokosov Guitars, Vocals
Miscellaneous staff
Evgeny Trushin (R.I.P. 2003) Engineering
Georgiy Orlov Artwork
Evgeny Trushin (R.I.P. 2003) Engineering
Georgiy Orlov Artwork
Read Some ideas better than others 62% UltraBoris December 12th, 2002

Tracklist translation:
1. Motorocker
3. Russian Vodka
4. Cannibal
8. The Vampire's Tank
9. Crazy House
10. Devil Is Here

Approximate translation of the liner notes: "Many thanks to the villains which have invented port, vodka, cognac, beer, home-made beer, dry wine, liquor, punch, moonshine, zubrovku, pepper brandy, C2H5OH etc. which supported our vivacity of spirit. As well as 'Hard-Rok-Kafe' for rotten cutlets, sausages from human guts, salad from lebedy, tea from carrots, forshmak from human brains."

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