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Коррозия Металла - Каннибал
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Коррозия Металла

Release date:
Catalog ID:
Sintez Records
12" vinyl (33⅓ RPM)
1 review (avg. 62%)
Side A
1. Моторокер 03:06   Show lyrics
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2. I'm a President 02:56  
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3. Русская водка 03:25   Show lyrics
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4. Каннибал 03:21   Show lyrics
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5. God Father 03:30  
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6. Bad Girls Train 03:02  
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Side B
7. Let's Go Shake, Shake 01:29  
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8. Танк вампира 04:27   Show lyrics
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9. Крэйзи хаус 04:03   Show lyrics
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10. Дьявол здесь 04:29   Show lyrics
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11. Fuckin' Militia 03:12  
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Read Some ideas better than others 62% UltraBoris December 12th, 2002

Tracklist translation:
1. Motorocker
3. Russian Vodka
4. Cannibal
8. The Vampire's Tank
9. Crazy House
10. Devil Is Here

Approximate translation of the liner notes: "Many thanks to the villains which have invented port, vodka, cognac, beer, home-made beer, dry wine, liquor, punch, moonshine, zubrovku, pepper brandy, C2H5OH etc. which supported our vivacity of spirit. As well as 'Hard-Rok-Kafe' for rotten cutlets, sausages from human guts, salad from lebedy, tea from carrots, forshmak from human brains."

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