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Коррозия Металла > Жизнь в октябре
Коррозия Металла - Жизнь в октябре
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Жизнь в октябре

Коррозия Металла

Live album
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1 review (avg. 70%)
Side A
1. Абаддон (Abaddon) 06:42   Show lyrics
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2. Зов теней (Call of Shadows) 03:23   Show lyrics
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3. Низвержение в Мальмстрим (Throw into Malm'stream) 02:36  
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4. Соло в стиле «Нойз» (noise-styled solos) 04:32  
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5. Фантом (Phantom) 06:02   Show lyrics
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6. Люцифер (Lucifer) 06:14   Show lyrics
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7. Чёрный корабль (The Black Ship) 04:03   Show lyrics
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8. Дьявол здесь (The Devil Is Here) 08:45   Show lyrics
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Read Shit non-production, great... 70% Necrosadistic May 20th, 2004

The album was recorded at "Red October" in Moscow. June, 1987. Due to numerous fan requests, the album was remastered. "Spider" refers to the album as "thrash, vodka, intoxication!"

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