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Ария > Легенды русского рока - выпуск 2
Ария - Легенды русского рока - выпуск 2
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Легенды русского рока - выпуск 2


Release date:
May 20th, 2003
Catalog ID:
Moroz Records
None yet
1. На службе силы зла 07:10   Show lyrics
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2. Раскачаем этот мир 06:01   Show lyrics
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3. Не хочешь - не верь мне 04:02   Show lyrics
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4. Беги за солнцем 06:11   Show lyrics
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5. Беспечный ангел (Golden Earring cover) 03:58   Show lyrics
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6. Ночь короче дня 07:14   Show lyrics
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7. Штиль (alternative duet version) 05:11   Show lyrics
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8. 1100 04:55   Show lyrics
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9. Ангельская пыль (alternative first version) 06:00   Show lyrics
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10. Отшельник 05:37   Show lyrics
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11. Баллада о древнерусском воине 08:31   Show lyrics
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12. Потерянный рай (alternative orchestral version) 05:35   Show lyrics
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13. Колизей (single version) 06:32   Show lyrics
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Miscellaneous staff
Olga Popova Producer
Vasiliy Gavrilov (R.I.P. 2002) Artwork
Dmitriy Pokrovskiy Artwork
Olga Popova Producer
Vasiliy Gavrilov (R.I.P. 2002) Artwork
Dmitriy Pokrovskiy Artwork
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English translations:
"Russian Rock Legends - Volume 2"
1. Serving Evil Force
2. Let's Rock This World
3. You'd Better Believe Me
4. Run for the Sun
5. Easy Angel
6. Night Is Shorter Than Day
7. The Calm (alternative duet version)
8. 1100
9. Angel Dust (alternative first version)
10. Hermit
11. Ballad About Ancient Russian Warrior
12. Lost Paradise (alternative orchestral version)
13. Colosseum (single version)

Track 5 - "Беспечный ангел" ("Careless Angel") is a cover of Golden Earring song "Going to the Run" from album "Bloody Buccaneers" (1991) with Russian lyrics.
Track 7 - "Штиль" ("The Calm") features Udo Dirkschneider on additional vocals.
Track 9 - "Ангельская пыль" ("Angel Dust") is a alternative first version recorded in 1994 with Sergey Mavrin on guitars (lead).
Track 12 - "Потерянный рай" ("Lost Paradise") is a alternative orchestral version recorded with President Orchestra of Russian Federation.
Track 13 - "Колизей" ("Colosseum") is a slightly different single version - it has slightly different mastering and does not includes some drum beats in introduction.

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