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Ария - Беспечный ангел
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Живой огонь

Беспечный ангел


Release date:
October 31st, 2004
Catalog ID:
Classic Company
None yet
1. Там высоко (re-recorded acoustic version) 04:32   Show lyrics
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2. Без тебя (re-recorded version) 04:22   Show lyrics
  (loading lyrics...)
3. Штиль 05:34   Show lyrics
  (loading lyrics...)
4. Мечты (re-recorded version) 04:31   Show lyrics
  (loading lyrics...)
5. Замкнутый круг 06:49   Show lyrics
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6. Ангельская пыль (live) 05:57   Show lyrics
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7. Возьми моё сердце (re-recorded version) 04:12   Show lyrics
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8. Пытка тишиной (re-recorded version) 05:29   Show lyrics
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9. Вампир 05:29   Show lyrics
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10. Осколок льда 05:25   Show lyrics
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11. Раскачаем этот мир (live) 05:44   Show lyrics
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12. Всё, что было (re-recorded version) 05:06   Show lyrics
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13. Беги за солнцем (live) 05:54   Show lyrics
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14. Беспечный ангел (Golden Earring cover) (live) 04:17   Show lyrics
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Miscellaneous staff
Vladimir Holstinin Producer
Vitaly Dubinin Producer
Igor Lobanov Artwork, Cover art
Vladimir Holstinin Producer
Vitaly Dubinin Producer
Igor Lobanov Artwork, Cover art
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Subtitle: "Лучшие баллады".

Track 1 - "Там высоко" ("There High Above") is re-recorded in 2004 acoustic version. For this version was later filmed animated video clip. This video clip was released on single "Чужой" ("Alien").
Tracks 2, 4, 7, 8, 12 are re-recorded versions taken from album "2000 и одна ночь" ("2000 and One Night") (1999).
Tracks 3, 9, 10 are original versions taken from album "Химера" ("Chimera") (2001).
Track 5 is original version taken from album "Генератор зла" ("Generator of Evil") (1998).
Tracks 6 and 11 are live versions taken from album "Живой огонь" ("Live Fire") (2004).
Tracks 13 and 14 are live versions taken from album "В поисках новой жертвы..." ("Searching for New Victim...") (2003).
Track 14 - "Беспечный ангел" ("Careless Angel") is a cover of Golden Earring song "Going to the Run" from album "Bloody Buccaneers" (1991) with Russian lyrics.

English translations:
"Careless Angel: Best of Ballads"
1. There High Above (re-recorded acoustic version)
2. Without You (re-recorded version)
3. The Calm
4. Dreams (re-recorded version)
5. Closed Circle
6. Angel Dust (live)
7. Take My Heart (re-recorded version)
8. Torture with Silence (re-recorded version)
9. Vampire
10. Splinter of Ice
11. Let's Rock This World (live)
12. All That Was Passed (re-recorded version)
13. Run for the Sun (live)
14. Careless Angel (Golden Earring cover) (live)

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